On Photography


When I was thinking of ways to kick off my new blog, I thought, "What better topic to address than evolution!" No, not that kind of evolution. But, rather, my evolution as a photographer. If you ever want an excuse to cringe, take up a creative activity like photography, make something, wait a couple of years, and then go back and look at it. The image below was one of my early favorites. In fact, it was made during one of my first photographic excursions; I didn't even have a camera---I was borrowing my friend Priya's. Anyway, long story short, I was in the right place at the right time and caught the city at sundown right after a big rainstorm. Everything was glistening and new and I was just a dummy with a camera.

2011 edit (left), 2014 edit (right)

The saturation slider in Lightroom definitely got a workout for the original 2011 edit. And honestly, it's not that it's necessarily a bad image, but my tastes have evolved in the years since. The image on the right was edited using Lightroom 5 and VSCOFILM02 this morning, 2014.

Little things that I notice now:

  • On the 2014 edit, the bricks of the bridge are less smeared due to noise reduction (the image was shot at a low ISO, so little/no need to crank up noise reduction;
  • Higher contrast on the 2011 edit blocks out some of the darker areas, along the bridge and in the skyline---the buildings are less defined;
  • Saturation/lack thereof.

One more example, just to kick this blog off right.

Mickey's Diner, 2011 (top), 2014 (bottom)

Mickey's Diner is another example of a change in the way I edit. My style was definitely...louder than it is today. 

Anyway, thanks for tuning into my first "On Photography" blog post. Between posts of new work, I hope to sprinkle in some pieces on my workflow and evolving style. Until then.

- Joe