How this works


Before the session
  1. Ask: Hit "Book a Session," send me an email, or fill out the form below to kick off the process; let me know the details of the session you'd like to book! I'll respond within 2 business days (and probably much sooner).
  2. Confirm: Once we finalize the details, I'll send a confirmation email with a contract that you can review, sign, and bring to the session.
  3. Pay: In the confirmation email, I will include a link to a page where you can pay (or make a downpayment) for your session. Remember, your session won't be reserved until a down payment (or a full payment) has been made. I will hold a date for five business days after I send the email.


At the session
  1. Pay: At the session, if you made a down payment online, you can pay me in-person via cash, check, or card. 
  2. Clothes: People often wonder what they should wear. The main thing is that people be comfortable! If you have a favorite pair of jeans, wear them. If you have a shirt that just works, wear it. Just be careful if there are any crazy colors or patterns. 


After the session
  1. Behind-the-scenes: I'll work on developing/processing/editing your images.
  2. Review: Once they are ready for review (usually within 1 to 2 weeks), I will e-mail you a link to a private gallery on this site where you can review the edited proofs.
  3. Post: After I get the go-ahead from you, I will send you a link to download high resolution JPEG files, post an album on Dammel Photographic Works' Facebook page, and possibly do other social media-y things like a blog post on this site!
  4. Use: Once you receive the files, you have license to print them for personal use (pictures for your wall, holiday cards, mouse pads, etc.) and to post them on social media (with attribution to Dammel Photographic Works, of course!). The contract will have more details on this part.
  5. Refer: If you were happy with your session, tell your friends and family! DPW depends on YOU ;o)

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